Presidency Says Northern Leaders Sponsored Arewa Youths Exit Notice

Presidency Says Northern Leaders Sponsored Arewa Youths Exit Notice

Senator Babafemi Ojudu, the Special Adviser to President Buhari on Political Matters, has alleged that some northern elites paid the coalition of northern youth groups to issue an exit notice to Igbos living in the North,  

The presidential aide made this known at the weekend in Abuja.

He was at a meeting with regional youth leaders, organised by the Office of the Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Student Affairs.

The Senator said it is only God that knows how much some elites, who hid behind the curtains, had paid those who made that declaration in Kaduna.

It will be worst for us if we allow some selfish people to push us to unnecessary war. Nigeria holds a lot of promises for all of us.

I know and we all know that a lot of you have been excluded from the good things of this country and of course we can trace that to poor and bad governance over the years.

Ojudu said what Nigerians should be clamouring for is good governance, not separatism and secession.

This is all about elite competition. The youths are only being used as tools to promote socio-political disorder.

Okay, if I don’t want to be importing things from Singapore, I can use this idea of Biafra to make money and some people are making huge money from it.

Those, who were agitating and calling for Biafra before, are now singing another tune after building their palaces.

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