President Buhari Won’t Step Down – Presidency

President Buhari Won’t Step Down – Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari will not step aside from his position as commander in chief, despite call for his resignation, the Presidency has said.

The Presidency was reacting to a call by a coalition of youth groups asking the president to resume or resign.

The Nigerian leader has been in the United Kingdom since May 7 for a follow-up medical checkup.

But Garba Shehu, the president’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, told newsmen at the Presidential Villa that Buhari had not violated the country’s Constitution.

They are exercising their rights in line with the constitution of this country. Of what use or value is a democracy in which citizens cannot embark on peaceful protests? So we respect their right to convene or undertake peaceful protest.

On the second issue, whether the president should resign or disclose or whatever, I think they are stepping outside the laws of this country.

Anyone conversant with the constitution of this country will have noticed or seen that Mr President has complied 100 per cent with the requirements of the constitution.

He has handed over power to the Vice President, relying on the constitution and the Vice President is carrying on with the affairs of this country; he is undertaking activities of government in line with the constitution in a way that the President himself has given words of commendation.

So the President has not breached any law. What he has done is perfectly in line with the constitution of this country and people are looking for things to say. I think they should do their research very well.

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