Restructuring Issue Should Be Tabled At National Assembly,Ortom Says

Restructuring Issue Should Be Tabled At National Assembly,Ortom Says

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state has suggested that the National Assembly should take up the issue of restructuring being clamoured for by some sections of people in the country.

Preisent Muhammadu Buhari in his nationwide broadcast after coming back into the country from medical vacation, said people clamouring for restructuring should table the subject with the national assembly.

Governor Ortom who stated this in an interview with newsmen said being the representtaives of the people in Abuja and legislative arm of government , the National Assembly should be saddled with such responsibility.

My personal view on the issue of restructuring is that we, Nigerians, sometimes engage ourselves unnecessarily. We have elected representatives at the National Assembly. We have 109 Senators and 360 members of the House of Representatives representing every part of this country, be it on basis of regions, ethnic or political zones.

If people have issues, the National Assembly should take the matter up. It is the best place to discuss whether we are restructuring or not. It is not when an individual rises up with ulterior motive and begins to say I want restructuring and it becomes an issue.

While saying restructuring can be achieved, Ortom said provided it will add value to to the country, it will get huge support.

The people who are talking about restructuring, if you ask them, they may not even know the meaning of what they are saying.

But, it can be done. Provided it will add value to the development of this country, we will support it. But, it is not like those who are looking for cheap popularity by agitating for it. Presently there is no coordinated approach to it.

There are divergent views about the issue. That is why my party came out to say they do not understand what restructuring means. If you ask Mr. A, he will tell you something different from Mr. B. Some people want this country divided across geopolitical zones, others want it divided across the north and south, others want Biafra, others are saying they want Oduduwa.

So, these are the issues. There are several things we can sit and reflect on prayerfully and God will give us answers when we begin to work on them, rather than wasting time on things that have no bearing whatsoever.

The National Assembly should discuss restructuring and come out with a position. Usually, we embark on public hearings where we make inputs and put it to rest instead of all these noise we make here and there.

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