Rob And Chyna’s Feud: The Drama

Rob Kardashian  posted numerous naked photos of Chyna on Instagram July 5, where he accused her of cheating on him! He also claims that she had plastic surgery after she gave birth to baby Dream.

Rob Kardashian, 30, took to Instagram on July 5 to put Blac Chyna, 29, on blast for allegedly cheating on him. He posted naked photos of her breasts, butt and vagina, where he claimed that she got plastic surgery to conceal her baby weight. However,  the naked snaps were later deleted. Rob claimed that she had her “butt reduced,” and he said that he foot the bill! Rob posted a video of Chyna in a hospital bed, where he said that she lied to the public about losing her baby weight from only working out and eating well.

“Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all that weight after the baby and she lies to everyone but no I’m such a great Husband that on our anniversary I paid 100K to do this surgery to get all everything fixed as much as they could,” he captioned the video. “And then guess what she did after she was all healed when I was by her side the entire time. She left me and my baby which she had out of spite to get back at her other baby daddy. I can’t believe u would disrespect me like this”. Rob also claimed that he spent “millions” on Chyna, which allegedly included a Lamborghini and a 250k jewelry spree.

Rob also claimed that Blac cheated on him with a man by the name of Rarri True, aka, Ferrari. Rob posted multiple photos of Rarri, where he claimed that Chyna had the man inside their home and in their bed, with Dream and King Cairo, 4, in the house. Rob said that Rarri snapped a selfie in their bed. And, Rob also claimed that Rarri requested money from him to further his career.

The sock entrepreneur’s rant also came after Blac trolled him through texts on July 4. She sent a video of herself to Rob, where she was making out with another man. Rob claimed that the man in the steamy video was Mechie, who goes by the name of “Mechie So Crazy” on social media. Mechie has yet to speak out directly about the situation. Nonetheless, he did post a quote to Instagram [during Rob’s rant], that read “I’m not here for these games.” To be clear, Rob claimed that Chyna slept with him, Rarri and Mechie, within a 3-day span.

Rob’s rant continued with more claims about Chyna, which included alleged drug and alcohol abuse. He claimed that Chyna’s been partying hard; allegedly using cocaine, MDMA, and ecstasy. He also claimed that she could only breastfeed their daughter for four weeks because she allegedly needed to consume alcohol.

As for Chyna? — She took to Snapchat on July 5, right after Rob’s rant, where she claimed that Rob allegedly beat her. She also claimed that Rob allegedly tried to keep her quiet by using his Kardashian name as a threat. However, her snaps have been deleted.

And, it appears as though this war is far from over. Rob claimed that he has “more receipts” about Chyna’s alleged cheating, plastic surgery and drug use. Rob also spoofed Beyonce‘s Lemonade album, with his face edited on the cover of her album. He claimed that he’s making his own Lemonade-inspired record about Chyna’s alleged cheating.

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