Ruling APC Should Be Scared Of Resurgent PDP – Waku

Ruling APC Should Be Scared Of Resurgent PDP – Waku

Senator Joseph Waku has said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) should be scared of the resurgent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking with the Sun, the former lawmaker described the resurrection of the PDP as a danger the APC would do well not to ignore.

 He said unless some members of the APC purge themselves of impunity, the chances of the Party winning the 2019 election is slim.

From the faces of the people I saw at the convention amidst jubilant mood, I think Nigeria is beginning to see a strong opposition that will put the ruling party on its toes. That convention was an experimental convention to see if people are still there.

And from what I saw, people are still there and even looking cheerful. From what I watched on the television, there was no dull moment. I think it is a healthy opposition.

With the new development, the ruling party will now be mindful enough not to do anything that will undermine the rights of every member to aspire for any position. If it does, there will be a counter change. APC is now a pregnant woman; no one can predict what child it will bear.

What the PDP did at its recent convention is a danger signal for the APC. Let nobody deceive you, it is a danger signal.

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