Shun Calls To Restructure Nigeria, Professor Urges FG

Shun Calls To Restructure Nigeria, Professor Urges FG

A Professor of Political Science and International Relations, University of Abuja, Abdulhameed Ujo, has urged the Federal Government to ignore calls by some Nigerians for restructuring of the country.

Speaking with NAN on Monday in Abuja, he urged the government to focus on fixing and stabilising the economy.

The university don said most of the people calling for restructuring were ignorant of what it entails, adding that the country was going through crisis of relevance.

He said the various agitations are as a result of the failure of the national and various state houses of assembly to live up to expectations.

We have institutions like the National Assembly and the various State Houses of Assembly that are responsible for making laws and policies in Nigeria.

The implication of all these agitations and crisis in the country is simply that the people are casting votes of no confidence on these institutions.

This is because members of these institutions are supposed to champion the course of any agitation from the various groups.

It is wrong for anybody to go to the media, including those who have no knowledge of governance, to begin to call for restructuring.

He said it was normal that when there is a problem in any country, people come up with various suggestions to create influence and be heard.

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