South-South Youths Tol IPOB: We Are Not Biafrans

South-South Youths Tol IPOB:  We Are Not Biafrans

Niger Delta Youth Congress (NDYC) has reiterated its earlier stance that the South-South is not part of Biafra, urging pro-Biafra groups to remove the region from their purported map.

The group, through its National Coordinator, Israel Uwejeyan, issued a communique after a meeting held in Warri, Delta state, stressing that they will fight against the drum of war being beaten by the agitators.

The south-south people are not Biafrans so we therefore demand the immediate removal of the six South-south states from the so called map of Biafra as it is an act of gross disrespect and provocation.

We the Youths in the Niger Delta region from the six South-south States will never be a part nor lend our active or passive support for the so called Biafra.

We vehemently disassociate ourselves from the agitation for Biafra secession by some of our Igbo neighbours.

We strongly declare our total allegiance for a united and Indivisible Nigeria whose unity has been paid for through the blood and sacrifices of millions of Nigerians in time past and we refuse to sit down and watch a repeat of this sad history by some ill advised trouble-makers chanting for Biafra or Death.

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