Tboss And Kemen In The News Again

Kemen from BBNaija is in the news again... Some people (majorly fans of TBoss) are clamoring for further punishment for him following his assault on TBoss while they were on the reality show.

Leading the attack is Wendy and Christopher TBoss’ sister and brother. They feel the organizers Multichoice and the show’s main sponsor Payporte should not keep associating with Kemen since he was disqualified from the show.

Christopher even said no one was considering TBoss’ emotional state since she is being forced to see Kemen everywhere.

He also had choice words for comedian AY accusing him of embarrassing TBoss at his recently held comedy show. But Kemen has apologized for his actions.

Still, there are some who feel Kemen hasn’t apologized enough and in fact he should be prosecuted. While others say he should be left alone and TBoss’ family members should back off.

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