There Is Corruption In All Arms Of Government - Buhari's Aide

There Is Corruption In All Arms Of Government - Buhari's Aide

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina, has said that corruption abounds in all arms of the government.

Adesina said this when featuring on Channels Tv programme, Sunrise Daily  monitored by Concise News

When asked how deep is corruption in the presidency, he said there is corruption everywhere in the country.

“The vice president has said it before that there is corruption everywhere; the judiciary, legislature, executive. Possibly, even broadcasting. There is corruption everywhere.
Adesina maintained that President Muhammadu Buhari has never relented in his fight against corruption, saying that the news headlines on the current events were only intense due to the personalities involved.

“The conclusion may have been right that it is a resetting of the anti-corruption war. But In reality, the anti-corruption war had been there and it had been going on. It’s just that those headlines came because of the weight of the people involved this time; an SGF, the DG of a foremost intelligence agency.

“That’s why they (media) concluded that it was a resetting, but in reality, that war had been there and it had been going on without hindrance.

Speaking of the reactions he got after releasing the statement that confirmed the suspension of the duo, Adesina said he witnessed lots of excitements after the suspensions.

“As for me, being an insider and knowing what is going on, that excitement can only just be the spur of the moment thing because you also know that people like to see big fishes caught,” he said.

“So, maybe that was what generated the excitement. As an insider, I know a lot.

PDP’s call for arrests

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had already called for the arrest of Lawal and Oke as the DSS had done to the judges that were arrested and accused of bribery and corruption before being granted bail.

Speaking on the development, Adesina said the PDP was just playing to the gallery.

Allegations don’t amount to indictment. These people have allegations against them. Allegations need to be investigated.

He said the pair can only be arrested after the investigation had found them wanting.

He also said the circumstances surrounding Lawal, Oke and the judges arrested are different. He said indicting items were found in the judges’ apartments.

With the calibre of the people in the presidential panel set up to look into the issue, Adesina said he believes they are going to release a report that is clearly unbiased. 

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