We Are Monitoring Social Media - Army

We Are Monitoring Social Media - Army

The Nigerian military wants vital information that will aid its activities and hence its decision to monitor the social media, Director of Defence Information said on Wednesday.

Maj. Gen. John Enenche made this known on Channels TV.

When asked if it was part of military’s role to carry out such a surveillance, Enenche said the objective was not to curtail freedom of expression but to aid the military with planning.

We are monitoring the social media to sieve out information to help us in our planning.

In the military we cannot arrest anybody for that, we cannot. Surveillance is observing, getting information. That is what we are doing so that we can be proactive. So that we can get information.

We are monitoring the social media to help sieve out information, the one that will be anti-government, anti-military, anti-government. Surveillance is part of our job and we will keep doing it.

Enenche added that the social media is a platform where people can communicate freely and the military is only using the platform to gather useful information.

Surveillance is observing, that is what we are doing so that we can be active.

Enenche, during the interview, also said the military is still observing Boko Haram insurgents closely, despite claims that they are tired of fighting the Federal Government.

We started with clearance operations which is supposed to dovetail into dominating the whole area and now we have seen the results.”

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