Why Nigeria Is Underdeveloped - Agbakoba

Why Nigeria Is Underdeveloped -  Agbakoba

One of Nigeria’s foremost lawyers Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) believes incompetent leadership is the cause of the country’s underdevelopment.

The former president of the Nigeria Bar Association was speaking at the second plenary session of the association’s Annual General Conference in Lagos.

Agbakoba particular expressed sadness over the incessant failure in Nigeria’s power sector despite so much investment in the sector.

Despite all of the resources allocated to power, we don’t have power. As I stand before you, I run about 10 generators in various offices.

The vice president spoke very eloquently but in real terms, we as lawyers are responsible in the context that we must put pressure on government.

No one is going to come here on foreign direct investment with the kind of, for want of a better word, non-performing government that we have. It’s not possible.

Despite the huge market – 200 million Nigerians – we are very poor. So, sometimes we sit here in fancy suits; but go out to the streets.

I am a maritime lawyer in Apapa district. The Apapa district contributes 30 per cent of Nigeria’s national budget. Yet it takes three hours for me to get to work because trucks and tankers have blocked the entire place.

So, let’s not pretend. We must look for leadership. And I think that is the central challenge.

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