Yarima Says Obasanjo Gave Each NASS Member N50m For 3rd Term Bid

Yarima Says Obasanjo Gave Each NASS Member N50m For 3rd Term Bid

Hon. Haruna Yerima, a former Borno representative at the National Assembly, has accused former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, of bribing each member of the National Assembly with the sum of N50m to enhance his purported third-term bid.

Yerima disclosed this on Monday while giving his keynote address at the 34th Aminu Kano Annual Memorial Symposium, held in Kano.

He disclosed that although some members of the National Assembly turned down the money, others collected it.

Yerima further disclosed that he was among the few that rejected the money and the only one who rejected Obasanjo’s third-term bid, which he said led to his exit from the house.

He said the level of corruption in the National Assembly is so deeply rooted that it cannot be solved within a short period.

”There is nothing one can do at the moment to stop corruption in the NASS,” he declared.

Yarima lamented that most members of the National Assembly do not know their responsibilities. He therefore urged Nigerians to make legislative members and senators understand what democracy is all about.

”We have to make them understand the rules of the house and the constitution even if they cannot read and write,” the former house member stated.

”I have a colleague who spent 12 years in the NASS but had never seconded a motion not to talk of moving it on the floor of the house,” he added.

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