You Are Afraid Of Shadows, Sen. Kashamu Fires Back At Gbenga Daniel

You Are Afraid Of Shadows, Sen. Kashamu Fires Back At Gbenga Daniel

Senator Buruji Kashamu has dismissed allegations the he sent assassins to murder former Ogun state Governor,Gbenga Daniel.

Daniel, who has petitioned the police over the matter, claimed on Friday that the senator sent hired killers after him.

He said ”five hefty men, two of them in military fatigue” on Thursday stormed his Abuja home with the intent of taking his life.
Kashamu, in a statement by his spokesperson, Austin Oniyokor, described Daniel as the accuser, the investigator, prosecutor and judge in his case against him.

Pray, why would Senator Kashamu go after a man who is at the twilight of his political career?

He is desperate to score a cheap political point and seek relevance for his dimming political career, he has to raise the false alarm and pin it on someone who does not even care if he exists.

By the grace of God, the Distinguished Senator Buruji Kashamu is PDP’s highest political office holder in Ogun state despite the OGD’s (Daniel) efforts to make him lose the election.

So, why would he want to attack a former governor who has lost political relevance six years after leaving office? Is OGD the only former governor in Ogun state?

Oniyokor noted that Kashamu does not have any record of violence since he joined partisan politics.

Clearly, OGD is hallucinating and afraid of his shadows. Otherwise, what would have been expected of sane mind was to report the incident to the police and allow them to do their job of investigating the incident.

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